Create/Edit Custom Email Groups

Now you can create custom email groups. This is helpful if you want to create a special group such a Board of Directors or you want to email the same group of programs over and over. 


Start by going to Email. In Step 1, you will choose the groups you would like to email to. Go ahead and add all of the groups to the recipients list. You can even add additional recipients. Once you have added all of the groups you would like to use, click Save This List. 



You will be taken to a pop up where you can name the custom group and click Save. 



Once the group is saved, you can access it at any time by going to Groups>>Custom Groups. You will be able to choose the group from the list like normal and add it to the Recipients list. 



After creating your groups, click the View/Remove Members link for general upkeep.




From there, you can see a list of every group listed as well as all additional recipients: 



For more information on sending out an email, Click Here. 


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