Create SMS Texting Group

SMS Texting Group

An SMS Group consists of all the individuals you want to reach within a text message (i.e. an entire program or certain volunteers roles). Created groups are saved to use for future text messages.

Steps to Create an SMS Texting Group:

  1. Navigate to the Text header in the Admin toolbar, and select Add Group or Member.
  2. Select a Member Type from the drop down menu. Use the filter to narrow your search if you'd like.

  3. Select the option(s) from the left that you'd like to add to the SMS Texting Group and then click Add to move the options to the right. 
  4. Enter a Group Name for the SMS Texting Group.

  5. Click on Save Group.
  6. A message will appear at the top confirming your successfully saved group.

  7. All users included in that group will receive an email letting them know that they have been added to an SMS Texting Group and that they need to opt in to receiving text messages from the club by texting their group keyword (keyword is in the email sent to them) to 84483.
  8. Next, see our Steps to Send SMS Text Messages.
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