Configure SMS Texting Groups

Configure SMS Groups

Once you Create SMS Texting Groups, there are several ways to configure them:

  • Subscribe New Members
  • Unsubscribe Existing Members
  • Remove an Entire Texting Group
  • Check each User's Validation Status. 

Steps to Configure SMS Texting Groups:

  1. Go to Text.
  2. Click on My Groups.
  3. Select a Group from the drop down menu.

  4. From here you can click on Manage Members to bring you back to the Create SMS Texting Groups page where you can add new members to your existing group. You can also click on Remove Group to delete the select group. 
  5. Unsubscribe members by clicking on the Unsubscribe button.

  6. Check each member's validation status by click on the Check button. It will say Validated if they have opted in to receive the texts. It will say Not Validated if they either haven't opted in to receive the texts or do not have their cell phone located in their cell phone field on their account. See our SMS Text Message Overview help page for information on opting in.

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