Search and Manage Users

Search and Manage Users

The Search and Manage feature is used to view a user's My Account screen as the user would view it. This is helpful when walking users through the registration process or accessing certain information on their My Account screen. You can edit any of the user's account information or player information: Name, Contact Info, Registration Info, Volunteer Info, Birthdate, etc. You can also view the details of the user's order. This page can be used to manually register users into a program, as well.

This page is also helpful in managing other areas of the user account. From here you can Authorize/Unauthorize a User, Update Their Password, or Update Their Security Roles. Click the links for more information on how to do use these features. 

Steps to Use Search and Manage Users:

  1. Go to Common >> Search and Manage Users.
  2. Use any combination of the search boxes. Click Search.

  3. View the details of the search results.
  4. Click the Manage Account>>View Account button of the account you wish to view/edit. Or click the Register Now button if you want to skip straight to registering the participant(s) in any open programs. You can also click Authorize/Unauthorizer user to lock someone out of their account, Update Password, which will allow you to reset the password and Update Roles/Permission which allows you to assign roles to users. For more information on the types of roles, click Here
  5. Once on their My Account screen you can view/edit any of the details of their account, participant info, registration info, and volunteer info. If you clicked on the Register button, you can go through the registration process for the participant(s). Just remember that if you select the Mail in Check option at checkout, the system will automatically assume you have the check in hand (since you're logged in as Club Admin). Click on the No Payment option if you're still waiting to receive the check.

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