Glossary of Sports Connect Terms


Programs: The overarching group every division falls under. Settings in programs apply to age groups and genders across every division. Example: 2012 Winter Basketball

Divisions: The narrow groups that divide ages, genders, price and other variables. Example: U10 Boys

User: The main account holder responsible for registering and paying for a participant’s programs. During account creation, user information is asked for first. Users are typically the parents of participants.

Participant: The person taking part in a program. Participant information is collected during the second stage of account creation. After participants are allocated to teams, users may create profiles that include details such as photos and position played. Participants are typically children.

Volunteer roles: Users are given the chance to volunteer for certain roles when registering a participant for a program. After volunteering, they are required to answer questions created by the page administrator.

Scheduler: The tool used to log fields into the system, create schedules and track scores.

Schedule groups: Groups of teams that will play against or practice with each other over the course of a season.

Email: The tool used to send mass emails to users, teams, divisions, programs, the entire club and any group in between.

Reports Wizard: The tool used to create custom reports pulling any information collected during registration. These reports may be viewed in Blue Sombrero or downloaded as Excel or CSV files.

Open Order: An order carrying a balance.

Pending Payment: A user has indicated their method of payment, but that payment hasn’t registered in the system. Payments most often show as pending when users select to pay by check. The system won’t register money was received until the admin enters the check by logging in as admin and selecting Orders >> Open Orders from the Blue Sombrero bar, searching for the order and clicking on the Receive Payment button.

Archiving: Archiving a program, division or account will remove it from the system so it will not appear on reports, balance statements, email lists, etc. All three of these things may be unachived at any time.

Search and Manage Users: A tool used to quickly find accounts and orders.

Admin Manual Order: The process in which an admin enters order information for a user.


Security Roles: The levels of access users have to the system. Any role in the format “FEATURE -- Admin” gives a user access to that feature.

Club Admin: The highest security level a user can have, granting them access to all parts of the Blue Sombrero system.

Module: The basic building blocks of a page. Different modules contain different content. 

Module Container: The white background of the module. Turning the container off removes the background of the module and replaces this white background with the background of the theme you currently have on your site. We suggest leaving the container turned on - turning off the container can make your text difficult to read. You can find the module container in module settings.

Anchor:  Acts just like a link, except it connects to a specific location within a specific page. You will always need a starting point (the anchor trigger,) and an ending point (the content you wish to anchor to). You would use this if you have a large amount of text and you would like to provide “one-click” access to a certain set of corresponding content somewhere else on the page. 

To set up an anchor, paste the following code in the HTML portion of your module: <a name="q1"></a> (this is the anchor ending point). Make sure you paste the code exactly where you would like to link to. Once you have saved your changes, you can link to the specific location on that page by adding #q1 (this is the anchor trigger) at the end of that page's URL, for example:

Please see our Admin FAQs page for an example of anchors in action.

Admin Toolbar: The gray bar an admin sees across the top of their page, giving them access to Sports Connect's features.

Content Rotator: A box that cycles four photos. This is the dominant feature on every Silver Theme’s home page.

Home Page: The first page users see when visiting the site. Home page layouts are locked in and designed to look professional with minimal work from admins.

Interior Page: Every page other than the home page. Interior pages offer higher levels of customization.

News: Articles that appear on the home page allowing admins to keep their leagues up to date on club information.

Templates: Module layouts prompting page designers to enter specific photos and information to create a professional-looking page.

Sort Order: The order in which you would like your links or your custom questions to display. We usually recommend doing this in increments of 10 (ex: 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.) in case you have to add in a link or a question at a later time. 


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