Website Dos and Don'ts

Great design is a powerful thing. It helps your website stand out from the crowd and communicates your club's mission to parents, players, and coaches.

Take a list at our website dos and don'ts to get your website on the right track!


  1. Do disable any Parent Pages that act as a hover. If a page is acting as a hover, disable it so it can't be clicked on. Do not include any content on a disabled page.

    To disable a page >> click on Website and click on the box next to the page name that says Page. This will uncheck the box and turn it to a Tab. Save changes at the top of the page. This will also disable the edit button for the page. 

  2. Do crop images for the homepage rotator. Make sure to get rid of ALL the transparent (checkered) space when cropping. Just drag the sides of the image until they fit in the entire box.

  3. Do include Contact Info on your home page. Click on the Settings button on your homepage settings panel to include the organization's Address, Email, and Phone Number. Also, add an inner page for specific contacts and their contact information. The quickest way to frustrate a customer is by making them search hard for the correct contact.

  4. Do Open in New Window when linking to external sites. Just put a check mark in the Open in New Window box when creating or editing a link. This will open the link to the external site in a new window, keeping your organization's site open in the previous window. If you're linking to an inner page on your site, do not select to open the link in a new window.

  5. Do run spell check when adding content. Spelling and grammar errors happen to the best of us and fixing tiny mistakes goes a long way when presenting your website to parents and players!

  6. Do make sure to add content to all pages on the site. Adding keywords such as your club name, location and sport can help increase your SEO, making your site easier to find in Google. Take a look at this blog about SEO to make sure you are on the right track.


  1. Don't include too many Parent Pages in the navigation. Once your navigation turns into two lines, you have too many Parent Pages. Prioritize Parent Pages into no more than 5 categories. Use sub pages or links to get to inner pages.

    If there are too many pages in your navigation, parents won't be able to find what they are looking for. It is important to display items like contact information, schedules, and field status in an easy-to-locate place on your website. 

  2. Don't leave sections of your homepage blank. This speaks volumes to both current and prospective players. Your site will look incomplete if it is incomplete. 

    Find out more about our Homepage Status Completion Overview here

  3. Don't use a logo file with a white background. Make sure your logo is crisp and clean with a transparent background.


  4. Don't forget to update your website and content often. This can be something as simple as adding a news story on your home page every week or adding a new image to your content rotator every so often. Keeping content fresh not only helps search engines keep your site at the top of search results, but it also encourages parents to keep coming back to your site for more. 
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