Set Up Donations

Set Up Donations

  1. Log in to, or create, your SombreroPAY™ account at
  2. Take a moment and set up a Donation Group.
  3. At least one person must be associated with a group in order to create it, go ahead and add one now. You can add members manually or by importing a CSV file.

  4. After adding members proceed to the next step by clicking Save.
  5. This will take you back to your account, from here select Set Up Donations.

  6. The next steps in setting up your donation are to give it a Name and to create a Message to potential donors.

  7. Next you will have the option of creating a Current Suggestion (suggested donation) and uploading an image.

  8. To upload an image from your computer select Choose File and select it from a location on your hard drive or local drive. Click Upload after selecting said file.
  9. The final step on this page is to set up an optional Goal and End Date.

  10. After setting up a Goal and End Date, or choosing to skip it, click Start Collecting Donations.
  11. At this point you will be directed to your My Donations page where you can see your campaigns, as well as any gifts that you have made.

  12. From this page you are also able to monitor your progress towards your goal, if you set one. You can post your campaign to Facebook and Twitter, e-mail it to friends, and embed it on a site all from one location.
  13. Your donation setup is complete!
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