Uploading Birth Certificates

Users may upload birth certificates during the participant creation process. To enable this feature, administrators must go to Website> Site Settings and check the corresponding box labelled "Birth Certificate Upload" under "Player Info Settings." Administrators can download and then verify participants' birth certificates under Teams >Player Verification .


Uploading Birth Certificates

Users may upload birth certificates while creating participants or by editing their participant’s info after they've been created. From the participant information screen, click the Upload Birth Certificate button. Click Choose File from the window that pops up, find the file on your computer then click the Upload button.


Accessing Birth Certificates


As an administrator, click Teams on the Blue Sombrero bar then follow the link to Player Verification.



Once you view the birth certificate, you can verify the players age in the system. Rather than store sensitive information indefinitely, the birth certificate is deleted from the system as soon as the player is verified.

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