View Orders and Make Payments on My Accounts

To view account order history, navigate to the My Account screen and click the My Orders tab on the menu (the 3rd from last menu item). From here you should see the open balance on the left and the Order History on the right. The Order History will look like this:




If you click the  Order Type button, next to each order,  you can see the breakdown of your Order Details. This will show you how much the item was that you paid for, how much you paid, and if you have a balance on this order. You can also filter for another order by clicking the icon next to Status, Date, or Amount.



If you want to see a breakdown of all that you paid for and any discounts you might have had, you can click the Order Details button. The breakdown will look like this:



To make a payment to a pending order, find that order in the Order History list and click Pay under the Status section.



Users on Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) or Payment Plans may make payments towards their orders by hovering their cursor over the icon on the right side of each payment due. This is the dotted circle in the Scheduled Payments section. You will see three options come up when you click on this circle. If you click on Pay Bill,  it will take you through the checkout process. You can also click View Bill and view what is due on that date. Finally, you can select the Edit Credit Card Info option, and change the credit card that is on ARB.


If, for some reason, your ARB payment does not go through, you will have the chance to Pay Bill for the missed installment. When paying the installment, you will be presented with the option to update all pending installments. If your payment failed due to a CC change, you will want to select this option. If you do not, future installments may continue to fail due to outdate CC info. Selecting Yes will prompt you to choose which pending installments you wish to update the CC info for. 



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