My Account Calendar

From the My Account screen, users can view their own personal calendar on their My Account page. This calendar shows all events scheduled in the system for the team(s) of that account’s participants and volunteers.


Users may click the Filter Calendars link to view the sidebar, allowing them to toggle on and off individual players or volunteers.


The calendar can be displayed in Agenda, Week and Month views.


If a user is assigned to the team of the calendar they’re looking at they may RSVP for individual events. By default, all users are set as Attending events, but both participants and volunteers may change this RSVP to Not Attending or Undecided. This is a great way for coaches to determine how many people will be attending a game or practice. 


Clicking an event will take users to that event’s page, where they can discuss the event and sign up for tasks.


All calendars may be exported as feeds to integrate with iCal and Google Calendar.


For more information on viewing the calendar from the team page, Click Here.

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