Event Pages

Each scheduled event is automatically generated to its own Event Page. Here, players, volunteers, parents and administrators may discuss the upcoming game, set their RSVP and claim items to bring to the game. This page links to a map to the field (if provided by the administrator during Location Creation) and has all the basic information needed to get to the game and get playing. Normal users may volunteer to bring items to the event. Volunteers and administrators may add items to the list and assign them to users associated with their team.


From the My Account Screen, you can sort through your upcoming events, view your upcoming events and RSVP for your upcoming events.  To get to the Event’s page, click on View Event.


Upcoming Events.png


Here you will find the Conversation Board, be able to set your RSVP and claim any items to bring to the game.  Both Volunteers and Parents can create and/or sign up for tasks.  A parent can choose to sign up for a task for one game or for all games.

Add Custom Task.png


Tasks can always be edited at a later date.


Event Page.png


The MAP of the location will populate the address originally entered in your Manage Locations and Fields.




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