Player Profiles

Each participant in Blue Sombrero receives their own profile to highlight their achievements on and off the field. When logged in to your account you can make several edits by visiting your team page and clicking on your profile. 




To change your cover photo (the large photo across the top), click the camera icon in the top-left corner of the image then follow the prompts.



To change your personal photo, click the camera icon at the bottom of your profile picture and follow the prompts.



On your profile screen you may control the personal contact information visible to the site’s users. Click the Edit link in the header of the Player Info box to control the information displayed in this section.




Players can enter all kinds of background information about themselves, allowing college recruiters, teammates and player parents to get to know them. When logged in to your profile, click the Manage Content button. From this screen you can type up info to appear on your page, control who is allowed to see your page, and link your social media information.





Each profile comes with its own gallery where users can upload and share their photos of the game. To read more about galleries and their integration with social media, Click Here.





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