Setting up a Fanwear Store

You may have noticed the store tab in a demo from your salesperson and are wondering how do I set this up? For now, you will need to contact someone from Blue Sombrero after you have received your website in order to get your store set up. 

You can give our support team a call at 866-258-3303 or email

Once you have given your information, you should receive an automated email in a few days with details about how to get started. 

You will need to submit artwork for approval if you wish to have a custom logo added to the site. For convenience, please send over the highest quality logo you have which is usually a vector or high resolution format file. Once the store has been added to your site, you can start creating custom items for your store. 

You can click on the Store tab now found on your site and then click Add New Item. From there you can follow the steps of choosing a item, color, design and other unique options. 



Once you have built out the store, you are ready to start selling to the public! To do this, click on the Store tab>> click the Settings icon>>Fanwear Settings. 


Once on the Fanwear Settings, you will see the option to turn the store on and off. 

Now that the store is on, you are all set to sell fanwear on the site as well as through registration. 

***Please note that if you do not wish to have the store turned on throughout the registration process you will need to contact someone from the support team to turn this portion of the store off. ***



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