SAY Soccer

Setting up your registration to be compatible with Say Soccer has never been easier! No matter what program type you choose, you will encounter the option to choose Program Affiliation in Step 1

Make sure you choose the activity type as Soccer and the Affiliation as Say Soccer. 


Choosing the affiliation will format questions in Step 2. You can still add your own questions along with the ones that SAY has requested. 

We have also gone ahead and created all of the divisions in Step 6 based on the age groups that SAY sets up. These divisions can still be edited, and will need to be edited by you. You will want to double check the age ranges, the registration dates, the season dates and any other information that needs to be changed. 


Once you hold your registrations, you will be able to easily import into SAY Soccer with a report that has been formatted just for you. Remember to take at this report when the time comes!

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