US Lacrosse

Now, it is easy to make sure everyone registered has a current membership through US Lacrosse. Make sure to choose US Lacrosse as your Program Affiliation when creating your program. 


This will ensure that the USL Membership Number question gets added in Step 2 of the set up. 

After that, you can set the program up like normal, adding the questions and divisions. Once registration opens, people will be required to enter their USL Membership Number in order to continue with registration. There are 2 reasons that the number might fail that you will want to be on the lookout for. 

1. If the USL Membership Number expires before the season start date, they will not be eligible. The participant can see their expiration date on the USL site. If you need to change the season dates for any reason, you can do so by going to Step 6 of the registration set up. 

2. If the participant information does not match up with what is on the USL site, they will not be able to proceed. The name, DOB, address and email address must match up with participant information. 

****The email address can be entered in either the participant section or the primary account section****

*****If you have set up a tryout program, the USL Membership Number will not be asked until acceptance emails are sent out. That way, people do not need to commit to a membership if they do not make the team.*****

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