Edit Mode vs Preview Mode

Anytime you are editing a page on the site, you are in edit mode. This allows you to see the edit option within each module as well as the ability to add additional modules. By default you will be in edit mode and it is recommend you stay that way the majority of the time. 

If you wish to see what a page will look like to the general public, you can go into Preview Mode, which will take away any edit buttons and show you the site as if you are logged out. 

To toggle between these 2 views, navigate to any inner page on your website. Once there, click on the Additional Settings tab to expand. From there you will be able to slide the button to Preview Mode or Edit Mode. 


If it says Switch to Preview Mode, you are currently in Edit Mode.

If it says Switch to Edit Mode, you are currently in Preview Mode

****If you are in preview mode, you will not be able to make any changes to pages on your site. If for some reason you are not seeing the edit options on a page, make sure to check here first and make sure you did not accidentally switch to preview mode****



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