Non Tryout Overview

Choosing the correct program type is essential when building your registration. The most commonly used program type is Non Tryout Registration. 

Non Tryout Registration should be chosen when you have a Rec program. This usually means that everyone will be participating and no one will have to try out and potentially not make a team. 

If you are doing an evaluation to determine ability but everyone will still make a team in the end, you should set up a Non Tryout Program

To choose this program, click on the Registration tab and click New Program. You will be asked to click the program type and you will choose Non Tryout/Rec



Once you choose a program, you will walk through the 6 steps of setting up registration. 

Important Characteristics of a Non Tryout Program:

 1. All questions created in Step 2 will be asked at the time of registration. 

 2. There is only one type of email in Step 5. This is the division confirmation email and it is sent right after registration. 

 3. The division price is paid up front at the time of registration. The order will not be submitted until some sort of payment is chosen for this.


4. Everyone will make a team since everyone has committed to some type of payment. This means you only need to assign them to a team and post the rosters to the public. 



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