Enabling Team Events as a Club Administrator


Coaches are now able to create their own custom events within their team page. All Volunteers will have the ability to create games, practices and custom events as allowed by the system. 

To enable this as admin go to Teams Central>>Team Directory.


Once on the Team Directory page click Manage Teams in the upper right corner.


Under Manage Teams, you will see the option to to Allow Volunteer Creation of Events




This will give you the option to decide what kind of events they can create. You can also control this by program so you will need to go into each program to enable this option.


***This setting is enabled across the program level. This means that all divisions within the program will be given the same setting

*** Enabling Custom Events is defaulted to No for all Clubs. The admin must go in and enable this setting in order to allow this option for volunteers

*** All Volunteers allocated to a posted team will be given these permissions if the setting is turned on. 

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