Contact Support Directly If....

There are a few things on the site that only our awesome Support Ninjas can change for you. If you run into one of these tasks, do not hesitate to Submit a Ticket.

Adding a Favicon

A favicon is the small logo you see when opening a tab in your browser. Your site defaults to ours but it can be changed. Just send us over a .ico file of your logo. If you are unsure how to save the file this way, just Google how to convert an image to .ico. There are a ton of sites that will let you load the logo and change it over for you. Once you have the image, send it to us and we can add it to your site. 


Changing the Time Zone

Upon creation of your site, your time zone should be set based on where you live. On the off chance this did not happen, you will likely notice your calendar syncing is off when creating a schedule. If this is the case, just contact our support team and we can correct this for you!

Changing Name of Organization

Is your club going through a name change? We can help make sure the old name no longer shows on your site. The first thing you can do is go to Home and click Settings on the black toolbar. You will be able to change your club name from there. Even after this has been done, you will still see the copyright at the bottom of the page and the browser tab at the top showing the old club name. You will want to contact the support team and let them know your new club name so they can change this out. 

Changing the Lead Admin

Has your organization gone through a change in leadership or do you want someone else to receive all confirmation emails? You likely need to change who the lead admin is on the site. There can only be one lead admin and they must already have club admin access. This person will get copied on all confirmation and payment reminder emails. They will also be the default reply to email when bulk emails are sent out. To change this, just let us know who the new lead admin is going to be and make sure they have already been given Club Admin access. We will be able to change this for you.   

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