The DICK'S Team Sports HQ FanWear Product Catalog

The following products are available for customization in any FanWear shop.

Available Brands



Nike > Short Sleeve

Nike > Fleece

Nike > Long Sleeve

Nike > Sleeveless

Nike > Warm-up/Track

Nike > Short


Adidas > Short Sleeve

Adidas > Fleece

Adidas > Long Sleeve

Adidas > Fleece/Jackets



Under Armour > Short Sleeve

Under Armour > Fleece

Under Armour > Long Sleeve

Under Armour > Sleeveless

Under Armour > Warm-up/Track

Under Armour > Short

Under Armour > Fleece/Jackets


Augusta Sportswear > Short Sleeve


Badger > Short Sleeve

Badger > Fleece

Badger > Long Sleeve

Badger > Sleeveless

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