Team Directory Settings

As an admin, you can set specific settings for the team pages which includes visibility, emails, and allowing coaches to create events. 

You will find all of these settings by going to Team Central>>Team Directory>>Manage Teams

Once on the page, you will see an overview of all of the settings. 

Listed below are the following functions found under Manage Teams:

1. Team Page Visibility: Allows you to decide who can see the team pages. For more information on this, click on this guide

2. Allow volunteers to create events: This turns on the ability for volunteers to create events within their team. These events can include games, practices or other custom events such as a pizza party. After enabling this, you can then decide if you want to only allow specific types of events to be created. For more information on setting up the events, click on this guide

3. Allow volunteers to edit jersey numbers: You might want to turn this off if these are set by admins for uniform ordering purposes or ensuring they have the same number going forward. 

4. Default RSVP settings: As an admin, you can decide what this should default to. Right now this is defaulted to Yes and parents must go in and note they will not be attending an event. 

5. Receive copies of discussions: You might want to enable this if you want to monitor the conversations between the coaches and the families. The lead admin will receive these emails. 

6. Enabling teams: Teams should be enabled for as long as the season is open for that division. If you are not able to access a team, check that it has been enabled with a future expiration date. 

7. Custom Game Reminder Email: This is a great chance to leave an extra note on the reminder. Let parents know to bring an extra water bottle or a particular type of uniform. 

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