Editing Team Personnel Roles

Admins now have more control over standard team personnel roles and can customize them according to each program. The benefit of this is to encourage the use of standard roles, which allows you to take advantage of scheduling conflicts when creating your schedules. 

To get started navigate to Registration on your admin menu and click Team Personnel at the top. From this page, you can manage or create new team personnel. 



To edit any role, click Manage. On this page, you can choose which programs you wish to enable this particular role for (you also have the ability to turn this off in Step 4 of registration set up like usual).



To choose what questions you wish to display for that particular program, click Edit Questions. You have the option to include a Display Name for the role. This is helpful if you wish to identify the role differently to the public without having to create a custom role. 



You also have the option of creating custom questions and file upload questions. Once these questions are created for a particular role, they are available for every program (no matter what program it was originally created in). If you wish to remove that question for a particular program because the information is not relevant, just click on the custom question and uncheck Display



Click Save and then Cancel to be taken back to the main team personnel screen and edit any other roles you need to. 

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