Archive vs Unauthorize a User

There are 2 options for an admin if they want to get rid of or lock someone out of an account. Please read through the whole article to determine which option is right for your situation. 

If you go to Common>>Search and Manage Users and search for the user, you will see a Manage Accounts menu where you are presented with both options. 


Clicking either Archive, or Unauthorize User will bring you to the same page where you can make your selection. 



Archive a User:

  • You should archive a user if you do not want the account to show up on the site anymore. This is useful if an account has aged out of the organization. Archiving the user will remove them from the User Details Report, all email list and you will no longer be able to search for them under Search and Manage Users. If you are trying to cut down on the clutter of accounts no longer being used, Archive is the way to go. 
  • If this person wishes to come back to the club for any reason, they can log back in with their same username/password. This will automatically trigger their account as Unarchived and they can access the information again. They will also show back up when searching for the account. 

Unauthorize a User:

  • You should unauthorize a user if your intention is to lock them out of their account. 
  • You will still be able to search for them on the site 
  • You can Authorize them at any time by going back to Common>>Search and Manage Users. 
  • This is best used if you are trying to prevent someone from having access to the site for any reason. 
  • The only way for them to access their account again is for you to Authorize them

Unauthorize and Archive a User:

  • If you want to "delete" someone from the site entirely, you can Unauthorize and then Archive their account. 
  • You must Unauthorize their account and then Archive in that order. 
  • They will be removed from all searches on the site and will be unable to log back in. 

***You must Unauthorize and then Archive the account in order to achieve this. If you accidentally do this in the wrong order, please reach out to our support team at or 866-258-3303 in order to correct the issue. ***


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