Fan Wear Setup

Setting up your Fan Wear store can be done in just a few easy steps. 

To get started, navigate to the Fan Wear tab on your admin menu. If you have not set up the store before, you will be prompted to get started. 


The first step will be to select all the activity types offered within your club. You will notice that some activities might be preselected based on the activity types you have chosen within your program set up. 


You will be prompted to choose your organization colors. Please select at least 2 colors, with the third being optional. If you only want fan wear items to be shown on apparel with these colors, make sure to check the box below, limiting this. If you are not specific about which shirt colors are available, you can leave this uncheck. Click Continue.


From here you can upload your organization logos. Make sure to read the information about the quality of logo we are looking for and click Upload Logo.

**Please note that any logo can be uploaded. If the logo does not meet our criteria, it will be sent to our design team to clean up. This process usually takes a couple of days. This logo will be noted as pending and not available in your store until the design has been approved by our team. 


Once uploaded, you can see if the logo needs further design work. The red exclamation symbol on the left will note this. 


Once you have uploaded all logos, click Continue.

The next step will allow you to create standard templates, in addition to the custom logos that were added. These templates are optional, but encouraged. To create a template, type in the text you wish to be added. You can see from the templates below where the text will appear. Click Update to see how your text will appear on the design. Make your selection of which templates you wish to show in your store and click Continue


Congrats! Your store is now open. All approved logos will now display in your store. If a logo is still pending a design approval these will not be available just yet. To view more information on the status of your logos or to make any changes, click on Go to My Library. To view what your store looks like, click Go to My Store




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