Site Wide Events

Site Wide Events allows admins to add an event to their calendar at a club level. Examples of these events can be picture days, league picnics, tournament weekends, opening day, home run derbies, silent Saturdays etc.

These events will display on the Home page calendar, if the themes allows for it, as well as the calendar found under Team Central. The events will not display on each individual team page at this time. 

To create a new event, navigate to the Schedules tab on the admin menu and click on Calendar


Click on Add Event



You will be able to enter all the details of the event including name, location date, time and description. 

If you choose to enable email notifications, it will notify All Active Users of the event. All Active Users is defined as anyone with a registration or account activity within the last 2 years. 

Once all information has been added, click Save.


Site wide events do not create any conflicts with any other scheduled games or practices. They do not cause conflicts with other locations. All site wide events are displayed on the home page calendar if the club has chosen to display system generated game and event schedules. 

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