Announcement Banner

The Announcement Banner allows you to post a static message to your website. This is a great way to highlight an achievement or post a weather alert. Users coming to the Home page will see the announcement displayed at the top of the site. 

Only one announcement can be displayed at a time. 

To add an announcement to your site, navigate to the Home page and click on Announcement on the black menu bar. 


You will be presented with a text box so they can compose your message. This text box has a limit of 160 characters. A start date and end date are required. The message will only be displayed between the start and end date. It starts at 12:01 AM of the start date and ends at 11:59 PM of the end date.


You have the option to choose an icon that will display to the left of your announcement. Click on Choose Icon to make your selection. 


Once you have saved, your announcement will display on the start date. 


Once the end date has passed, the announcement will be removed from the Home page, as well as deleted from the announcement page. If you wish to remove the announcement before the end date, click on Announcement again and you will see the option to Delete

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