Fan Wear in Registration

Proud parents wearing gear with your logo is a great way to increase awareness around your community and grow your league or club. A unique advantage of your store is that Fan Wear is offered in the registration process.

As long as your store is open, parents are able to add your Fan Wear to their shopping cart and register their children, all in one seamless process.

This simple integration also ensures parents receive their gear in time for the upcoming season.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fan Wear and registration payments grouped into a single transaction?

No.  After completing checkout, parents will see two transactions in their statement, one for their Registration payment and another for their Fan Wear purchase.  The Fan Wear transaction will show as a purchase from Blue Sombrero Fan Wear.

Are orders placed in registration handled differently than orders placed through the storefront website?

No. Orders are processed exactly the same.  Orders are produced and shipped within 7 to 10 days via our standard $5.99 flat rate shipping option.

Can I select the items shown in the registration process?

An important benefit of your Fan Wear store, is that our team of full time merchants and buyers regularly update the Fan Wear assortment.  To spare you the effort of tracking assortment updates, the suggestion engine chooses 12 items according to your fanwear settings (e.g. Your color settings).

My organization offers multiple sports and my artwork library contains artwork that is specific to a single sport.  Can I control which artwork is shown to parents based on the sport they are registering for?

Absolutely.  Simply click into each piece of artwork and double check that the correct activity type is assigned.  Our selection engine will only display ‘General’ artwork and artwork that matches the activity the parent is registering for.

How do I remove Fan Wear from my registration process?

If you do not want to include Fan Wear in your registration process, simply set your store to ‘Closed’ in ‘Store Settings’.  If considering this, please consider reaching out to our support team first.


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