DICK'S Team Manager

Excited about the DICK'S Team Manager app? Here's how to make sure your organization is ready to take advantage of our features on the fly!


  1. Build your Teams by allocating players and Team Staff to their appropriate rosters; then Post your rosters.





2. If you're using our Scheduler; please make sure you've Posted the appropriate schedules.




3. Ask your Team Staff to follow the steps outlined by GameChanger; when creating an account, they'll need to use the same email address associated with their account on your organization's DICK'S Team Sports HQ portal.

And it's that simple! 

After following the steps outlined by GameChanger, your Team Staff will see the option to Import Teams.



This feature will import player/schedule information into the mobile app, while also emailing a Dick's Team Manager invitation to all associated accounts.

All Schedule updates made AFTER the Team Staff has used the Import feature will automatically sync within the mobile app.  If an administrator adds a player to a roster AFTER the Team Staff has used the Import option, then the administrator should direct the Team Staff to invite the new player to the team within the mobile app.


IMPORTANT - Posting a Roster (and/or Schedule) within your DICK'S Team Sports HQ portal triggers the Import option for Team Staff within the mobile app. Because the Roster Import option is only available once per team - we suggest waiting until you've finalized rosters before posting them; otherwise you run the risk of your Team Staff using the Import option prematurely. 


For a look at the features offered within the Dick's Team Manager app (as well as a download link) please visit their site by clicking the image below.



Need additional assistance? Visit the DICK'S Team Manager Support Site or reach out via email -  teammanager@gc.com. 


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