Team Page Overview

Team Pages serve as the communication hub for Team Staff, Parents, and Participants within your portal. These pages are automatically created after an administrator posts a team's roster, and will populate with various important team information.

Team Staff access their Team Pages via the Volunteer tab within their account:


Parents and participants will see a Visit Team Page link after logging in:


Hover below for a glimpse of the Team Page features:



  1. Your team's Home tab's Newsfeed populates with:
    • Schedule Changes
    • News articles published by the site administrator
    • Scoring Updates
  2. Use the Roster tab to view/print participant information
  3. The Calendar shows
    • Events in Agenda, Weekly, and Monthly views.
    • Game Scores/Stats
    • Print/Export Calendar options
  4. The News tab displays News articles created by your site's administrators.
  5. The Email tool provides Team Staff with the proper tools to reach out to participants quickly
  6. Use the Files tab to store important Team documents players and parents might need on game day
  7. Team Settings & Cover Photo
    • Click the Settings Icon to edit your team's social media stream or add a Team Sponsor
    • Navigate to the Camera icon to update your team's cover photo


Please note - as long as a Team's roster is posted, the team members/staff will have the ability to view their Team Page. Administrators have the ability to adjust Team Page Visibility Settings for non-team members if needed. 


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