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Need help quick? Try using the Help Desk Support Widget in the bottom left corner of your account!




Click the Support button, then use the Search bar to access our library of Help Guides. To get you started, the Support Widget will suggest the 3 most popular Help Guides based on the tool (Registration, Orders, Schedules etc) you’re using within your portal. After selecting a Help Guide - click the icon in the top right corner of the Support Widget to open the guide in a new tab, or scroll down to view the guide within the widget itself.


Still no luck? Click Contact Us to reach out to our Support Team. The Support Widget automatically adds your URL to your support request, so we’ll know exactly where you need assistance*.


* To ensure an efficient support experience, please provide as much information as possible when submitting a support request. If applicable - please include the Program/Division/Team name, Player information (name, parent's name, email address, username, order #), the steps taken within the software, as well as any screenshots/recordings that'll assist our team.


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