Little League Boundary Mapping

Little League registration forms created within Blue Sombrero's websites are equipped with a Boundary Mapping feature powered by the Little League League Finder Tool.

Here's how it works:

1. Upon creating an account - the software will request the parent/guardian's Street, City, State, and ZIP Code:





2. Then, the software will request the participant's address information as well. Please note - the participant's address is used for Boundary Mapping.


3. As the parent/guardian continues through program registration, they'll see a Little League School Name Question after they've selected the appropriate Program/Division:

4. Based on your league's Little League ID, players are deemed "In Boundary" or "Out of Boundary" based on the following criteria:

Player is "In Boundary" if EITHER of the following criteria is fulfilled:

  • Player's address is within league boundaries
  • Player's selected Little League School Name during registration is within league boundaries

As an "In Bounds" player, they'll see the option to upload Proof of Residency/School Eligibility forms if they choose to.

Player is "Out of Boundary" if BOTH of the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • Player's address is NOT within league boundaries
  • Player has selected NONE for the Little League School Name during registration

Out of Boundary players are alerted with a message suggesting they navigate to the Little League League Finder tool to confirm their eligibility, as well as prompts to upload the appropriate Residency/School Eligibility forms:



Please note - Being "Out of Boundary" will NOT prevent a player from completing the registration process, and both In and Out of Boundary players have the ability to upload the Residency/School Eligibility forms at any time from their Account Dashboard.



5. Once players have registered, you'll have the ability to populate their responses during Reporting and Team Building.




**Please review our Little League Season Setup Guide for a closer look at how these settings are configured within your registration form.**




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