Updating Participant Information

If any updates need to be made to your participant's registration, you will be able to make those updates from your My Account page. This is also where you can change selected responses to registration questions, upload Birth Certificates/Documents, and edit the participant's photo.


The My Account page is your default view after logging in to your organization's portal.




To update the information for a participant, click the edit pencil icon located to the right of the participant’s name.




You will see the screen to Edit Participant Information where gender, name, date of birth, and address information may be updated for your participant. If your organization has enabled Birth Certificate uploads for player verification, you will find the button to upload an image file of the birth certificate here as well.




If applicable, an additional Program Information Needed section will populate with questions specific to the program the participant is enrolled in. These questions may range from Jersey Sizes and Teammate Requests to Concussion Waivers and Residence/School Eligibility forms. 




Click Update at the bottom of the page to save any updates you make.

Support Tip: If the Participant's Date of Birth or First/Last Name are greyed out and cannot be updated, it means a National Governing Body (Little League, Pony, USYS, Pop Warner etc) OR your league's administrator has already verified the participant's information; you'll need to reach out to your league's administrator to begin the process to update verified information. 

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