Mobile First Registration - Setting/Editing/Maintaining Programs

Creating the right registration form is the first step to a successful season. Use the guide below to learn how to set up everything needed for participants to sign up for your Program.

  1. Registration Landing Page and editing existing registration forms
  2. Registration Settings (Registration >> Settings)
    1. Registration Settings
    2. Payment Settings
  3. Creating a registration form and understanding the Program Type
    1. Program Settings - Program Name/Description
    2. Division Settings - Division Names, Age Ranges, Prices, Registration Open/Close Dates
      • Advanced Settings - Division Fees/Discounts, WaitLists, Payment Plans
    3. Registration Questions - Information collected from Participants during Registration
    4. Discounts & Fees - Additional Fees/Discounts, Volume and Family Discounts
    5. Team Staff - Edit Team Staff Roles available during Registration
    6. Confirmation Notes
  4. Copying/Cloning/Archiving Programs - Duplicating past registration forms to prepare for the next season, and removing past season's forms


Registration Landing Page


  • Use the pencil icon to Edit the settings of an existing registration form
  • The Copy/Clone features duplicate past registration forms to prepare for a new season
  • To see the Program's current Enrollment numbers, click View Enrollments to be directed to the Enrollment Summary Report
  • The number field next to a Registration Form indicates its Sort Order; Participants/Team Staff will see Programs listed in this order. Click the number field, then drag/drop you programs into the desired order
  • Use the Archived Programs feature to hide/restore old registration forms


To Create a Program:

While logged in with the appropriate security role, navigate to the Registration tab in the Admin toolbar. Once within the Registration tab, click New Program and select your Program Type.


  • One-Step Registration (Non-Tryout/Recreational or Camp): This is the most common program type - after registering for an age/gender-based division, all players are expected to be allocated to teams.
  • Two-Step Registration (Tryout/Competitive): This program type is generally used for "travel" programs - players register for an age/gender-based tryout, and are then invited to complete the division registration process by an administrator through the Roster Notification feature. 
  • Support Tip: Program Type can NOT be changed once selected


Step 1 - Program Settings:

  • Select the appropriate Activity Type, then enter the Program Name and Description
  • We suggest using the Year, Season, and Sport in the Program Name - it makes it easier for participants to recognize, and will also assist in Reporting
  • The Program Description appears to participants when selecting programs - it's extremely useful if your organization has multiple programs open for registration at the same time

Step 2 - Division Settings:

During registration, participants are grouped into Divisions based on age/gender. Use the Division Settings to configure these details, as well as Price, Registration Open/Close Dates, Payment Plans, etc.


  • Choose a Division Name that's recognizable to you and participants - we suggest using a combination of Age/Year and Gender
  • Divisions are available for participants to register from the Registration Open Date/Time through the Registration Close Date/Time
  • All participants are charged the Division Price; Fees/Discounts from Step 4 will apply in addition to the Division Price.
  • Participants are eligible for a Division if their Date of Birth falls between the Oldest Player and Youngest Player Age Range. In the example above - the 2007 Boys Division's Age Range is 1/1/2007 - 12/31/2007; players born outside of this range will not see this Division during registration.
  • Use the Copy feature to save time! Configure a Division, Copy it, then edit the Names/Age Ranges of the new Divisions as needed. Copying a Division includes all Advanced Settings.
  • Visit the Advanced Settings to configure the following Division specific settings:
    • Max # of Participants - once a Division's Max # of Participants is reached, the Division is no longer available for registration
    • Wait-List - When a Division is full, use the Waitlist feature to capture participants who are interested in playing if space permitted. Waitlist registrants are not charged during registration; they'll receive a link to log-in and pay when activated from the Waitlist
      • If a full Division has players on the Waitlist, a Waitlist icon will appear in Step 2 of the Registration Wizard. Click the Waitlist icon to manage the Waitlist
      • There is a Waitlist Report in the Reports tab, as well as a Waitlist group within the Bulk Email tool
    • Early Bird Discounts and Late Fees
    • Tryout Fees - Two-Step Registration (Tryout/Competitive) only
    • Custom Division Fees/Discounts - These fees/discounts are configured like the Custom Fees/Discounts in Step 4, but they're specific to the Division. For instance, if only the 2007 Boys Division has a Water fee, it would be added here as opposed to Step 4
    • Payment Plans - Set Up Payment Plans

Step 3 - Registration Questions:

Registration Questions are used to capture participant information during registration.


  • Click "Add New Question" to create a Standard or Custom Question
  • Standard Questions are common questions we've selected
    • Check the Add box to add the question to the Registration Form
    • Slide the "Require" tab to the right to make it mandatory for participants
    • Always Save
  • Create Custom Questions to ask any additional information specific to your Program

After entering your Question, select the Question Type to indicate the format of your participant's responses



Editing Registration Questions


  • Click Preview (the eye icon) to see the question as a participant would
  • To Delete a question - Click the trash can icon next to the appropriate question
  • Click the pencil to Edit the question and/or answer choices, and to access the Advanced Settings


Advanced Settings


  • Use the Question URL and/or Help Text fields to assist users with their responses. A common use for the Question URL field is a link to a sizing chart for jerseys.
  • To prevent collecting unneeded data; the administrator will have the option to display questions during the Tryout registration OR the Division registration within a Two-Step Registration (Tryout/Competitive)

Step 4 - Discounts and Fees:

Use the Special Discounts & Fees tab to take advantage of the Volume/Family Discount features, and to add Custom fees/discounts in the form of questions. Screen_Shot_2019-11-13_at_4.21.02_PM.png

  • The Family Discount applies when multiple participants from the same account register within the same Program. The first participant does not receive the discount, but any other family members registering for the program will receive the indicated amount subtracted from their Division Price.
  • The Volume Discount applies when participants register for multiple Divisions within the same Program. The participant's first registration will be regular-priced, and the discount will subtract from the Division Price of all future registrations. This feature is commonly used for Camp Type Programs.
  • The Non-Resident Fee/Resident Discount applies based on a user's city and/or zip code. Use the radio button to toggle between the fee and discount options and to set the maximum number of participants eligible for the discount/fee per family. To configure the city/zip code restrictions, please visit your Site Settings.
  • The Non-Volunteer Fee applies to the guardians of participants who choose not to volunteer during the registration process.

Custom Fees/Discounts apply based on the answer to a Yes/No question.


  • The "Discount/Fee Name" is the name of the line item; it's how the discount/fee will appear in the participant's order as well as in reports.


Step 5 - Team Staff:  

Display Standard/Custom Team Personnel Positions for users to sign up for during the registration process.


  • Click the pencil icon next to a position to Edit the registration questions for the role
  • Use the garbage can icon to Delete a Position
  • Standard Positions (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager) are common roles we've configured; click Add Team Staff Position to select a Standard Position or to create a Custom Position

Configuring Team Personnel Questions

  • The Contact Information section contains required questions; these fields are not editable
  • Use the Pencil icon to Edit a question
  • Click the trash can icon to Delete a question
  • Click Add Question to select additional questions
    • Check the Add box to add the question to the Registration Form
    • Slide the "Require" tab to the right to make it mandatory for Team Staff
    • Always Save
    • Standard Questions are common questions we've selected; they range from Contact Information to Waivers and Preferred Practice Times.
    • Create Custom Questions to ask any additional information specific to your Program

After entering your Question, select the Question Type to indicate the format of your Team Staff's responses


Step 6 - Confirmation Notes:

After completing registration, all participants (and the portal's Lead Administrator) will receive a Confirmation Email containing a copy of their receipt. Use the Program Emails feature to add additional information to these emails based on registration type.


  • Use the "Bcc" feature to blind carbon copy additional users on the program's Confirmation Emails. For instance - a portal's Rec Director might want to be included in emails for Rec, but not for the Travel program.
  • Click the paperclip tool to upload files to add as an attachment to each Confirmation Email.
  • Two-Step Registration (Tryout/Competitive) will also have fields for the following Confirmation Emails:
    • Tryout Confirmation Email - This email is sent to users after registering for a Tryout
    • Participant Made the Team Email
    • Participant Did Not Make the Team Email
    • Club Policies Contract - Players must approve this contract upon accepting their position on the team
    • Division Registration Email - This email is sent to users after they've accepted their position on the team (by approving the Club Policies Contract) and have completed their Division registration

Copying/Cloning/Archiving Programs

The Copy and Clone features are used to create duplicates of existing Registration Forms - including dates (Reg Open/Close, Payment Plans, Season Dates), prices, questions, and fees/discounts. Copying a Registration Form creates an exact duplicate of the original Program, Cloning a Registration Form creates a duplicate with ALL dates advanced one calendar year.


  • The Copy feature is commonly used when creating Spring programs; since the Age Ranges from Fall to Spring are generally the same, it makes sense to use the Copy feature on the Fall form and then edit the Registration/Season Dates accordingly.
  • Since the Clone feature advances all dates one calendar year; it's generally used when recreating a season but in the next year..for example, cloning the Spring 2018 form for use in Spring 2019. After Cloning, please check all dates (Reg Open/Close, Payment Plans etc) to ensure they're accurate
    • When Copying/Cloning, you'll be directed through Steps 1-6 of the Registration Wizard of the new form; use this as an opportunity to update the Program/Division names and other information that would've changed from season to season
    • When updating the Program's name, you'll see a popup confirming your change. This popup is to ensure you're editing the name of your newly copied/cloned form, and not renaming last season's form. Click the "I know what I'm doing" button to proceed with renaming your new form.
  • After your season has ended and you've copied/cloned your form for the new season - use the Archive function to remove the old form from your workspace. Archiving a form removes its information from the Team Builder, Reporting Wizard, and participant's accounts. It does NOT remove order/payment information. All archived programs can be unarchived by clicking the "Archived Programs" button after clicking the Registration tab in the Administrator toolbar; this is commonly done if an administrator needs to retrieve reporting information from an old form.



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