Site Settings

Your portal's Site Settings (Registration >> Settings >> Site Settings) contains many features that will allow you to customize your customer's experience. Please note - these settings apply to all users/programs, and the discounts/fees will override the settings set in the Registration Wizard.


  1. Instructions & Messages
  2. User Settings
    1. Primary/Additional Parent and Guardian Info Settings
    2. Player Info Settings and Document Uploads
  3. Donations, Fees & Discounts
    1. Donations
    2. Apply Discounts
    3. Coupon Discounts
    4. Family Discounts
    5. Non Volunteer Fee, Family Max, Returning Player Discount and Resident Fee/Discount
    6. Custom Fees & Discounts


Instructions & Messages

  • Login Instructions appear when a user is logging into your portal
  • Registration Instructions appear when a user is creating a username/password
  • Balance Statement messages appear as an added note when a user is sent a Balance Statement
  • Account Creation Confirmation Notes are sent to the user in addition to their username and a link to your portal after they've successfully created an account
  • Receive Payments Messages are populated at the bottom of the customer's confirmation email after a payment has been received on their behalf
  • Add New Participant message appears when a user is adding a participant to their account
  • The Registration Notes appear while a user is selecting a Program/Division to register

User Settings

Primary/Additional Parent and Guardian Info Settings


  • Choose to Display or Require the information collected from the Account Holders during the registration process
  • Email, Username, First/Last Name, Address, Gender and Cell Phone Number for the Primary Account Holder are required fields and can not be edited
  • Click New Field to create your own question of the following type:
    • Textbox
    • Checkboxes
    • Combo-box
    • Radio Buttons
    • Date Selection
    • Waiver


Player Info Settings and Document Uploads


  • Chose to Display or Require Emergency Contact Information for players
  • Display the Birth Certificate field to allow players to upload their Birth Certificate, or click New Field to add an additional Document Upload field to capture other files from customers
    • Birth Certificates and Document Upload files can be viewed/verified in Player Verification
    • Please note - marking either of these fields as Required will prevent players from completing a registration without uploading the appropriate document.
    • Birth Certificate and Document Upload files can both be configured for individual programs in the Registration Questions section of the Registration Wizard.

Donations, Fees & Discounts



  • Enable "Donations" in the Apply Discounts section below to display a Donation option during registration checkout
  • Enter the Donation Name and Donation Amount in the appropriate fields, then click Add Donation button to create it
  • Custom Donations allow the user to enter their own donation amount upon checkout


Apply Discounts


  • All Discounts & Fees enabled here apply to ALL programs on your portal, and will OVERRIDE the discounts & fees set on the program level.
  • Check the box next to the appropriate Fee/Discount to enable it; if a fee/discount is Disabled, it will not apply to registrants regardless to it being configured at the program level.
  • Always remember to Save your changes

Coupon Discounts


  • When creating a coupon:
    • The Number field is for tracking coupons internally; the Code field will generate after the rest of the appropriate information has been entered and the Add button is clicked.
    • The Coupon Name appears in the user's Order as the line item associated with the discount
    • The Coupon Amount is distributed evenly throughout the Order. For example, a $30 coupon code would apply a discount of $10 per Division registration on a three player order, but would apply a discount of $15 per player there's only two registrations/players within the Order.
    • Once the Coupon Code has been generated, it is ready for use and will appear to customers during Step 4 of the registration process.
  • Coupon Guidelines
    • Coupons can only be used once per account, and only one coupon code can be used per Order.
    • Coupons must be used at the time of registration and can not be applied to an open order
    • Customers will not see the Coupon Code field during checkout if Coupon Codes aren't enabled in the Apply Discounts field above.

Family Discount


  • When configuring the Family Discount:
    • The Family Discount applies when multiple participants from the same account register for programs across your site during the indicated Date Range.
    • The first participant does not receive the discount, but any other family members registering will receive the indicated amount subtracted from their Division Price.
    • Family Discounts configured here apply to all programs/division and will OVERRIDE any Family Discounts configured within the Registration Wizard.
  • Family Discount Tips:
    • The Family Discount feature will must be enabled in the Apply Discounts field above to function 
    • If your season has already started registration, we do not advise setting up the Site Family Discount. This can make tracking and reconciling which families have and have not received discounts difficult. It's best to have this configured at the beginning of each season.
    • Family Discounts are applied to Transfer orders. If a registration has taken place in a previous period, before the Site Family Discount was configured, this participant could be eligible to receive a Site Family Discount upon transfer. To avoid this, please reset the discount after your registration period has closed or manually adjust the resulting order


Non Volunteer Fee, Family Max, Returning Player Discount and Resident Fee/Discount



  • The Non-Volunteer Fee applies to the guardians of participants who choose not to volunteer during the indicated date range. 
  • Users will not be charged in excess of the Family Max through the indicated date range.
    •  If the max is set to "Total Price,” all division prices and any other fees or discounts on the order will count towards the max amount. 
    • If the fee is set “Division Price” only the division prices will count toward this max amount set. 
  • Use the Returning Player Discount to reward repeat customers
  • The Non-Resident Fee/Resident Discount applies based on a user's city and/or zip code. Use the indicated fields to enter the appropriate Cities/ZIP Codes, and then configure the amount of the Fee/Discount within the Discounts and Fees tab of the Registration Wizard.


Custom Fees & Discounts


  • When creating a Site-Level Fee/Discount:
    • Users will see the Fee/Discount in the form of a question during registration; Mandatory Fees appear as statements.
    • The Discount/Fee Name appears as the line item within the user's order, as well as in Reports
    • Selecting "Once Per Order" will award the discount/fee to every order on our portal
    • Select Once Per Account to only award the discount/fee to a user/account once during an indicated date range
    • Use the Question URL field to provide a link to assist customers with the question
  • Site-Level Fee/Discount tips:
    • Site-level Fees and Discounts apply to all users/programs
    • If charging a yearly membership style fee - select Mandatory Fee and Once Per Account to set your membership period. 
    • Avoid re-using a Site-Level Discount/Fee; it's ok to edit, but we suggest setting up a brand new Site-Level Discount/Fee per season/registration period. 


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