This section covers the basics of how to set up and edit your registration. It will go over the different types of registration, non-tryout, tryout, camp, and team. You will also learn how to add custom questions and fees so that you are getting the right information from your customers. Make sure to take a look at the section for your 2nd season so that you follow the steps to ensure a smooth registration for years to come.


Participants are seeing No Programs Available in their account, what am I doing wrong?

There are a couple of things that could be going on. First you will want to double check registration is actually open. You can do this by going to Step 6 of the registration form.

The biggest culprit is the age ranges. Go back and double check your age ranges to be sure there are no gaps. Take a look at this guide to go over a few common mistakes.

Another thing you will want to make sure of is that you have created a brand new program for the current season. Reusing programs and simply editing the name and date will cause a lot of confusion since the participant was already registered in the program last season. The easiest way to look for this is to run an Enrollment Summary report for the program. Click on each division to get a quick view of all the registrations. If you see registrations from last year mixed in with this year, this is a good sign you have reused the program. Moving forward you will want to copy the old program and make a new one for the season.

If this all seems a little overwhelming, give us a call and we can walk you through the steps!

Can I change my program type once I've created the program?

Unfortunately you can not. The program type involves a lot of different component in the back end of our system that can not be changed once created. You will need to click on the Add New Registration Form button to create another program using the program type you need.

What is the difference between copying and cloning a program?

Both are important features when creating a new season. Copying will make an exact copy of the program down to the questions, divisions, prices and dates. Cloning does carry over all of these things but moves all dates forward a year. These dates include the age ranges, season and registration dates as well as payment plans. Cloning is the best option when going from year to year. After choosing the best option for you, you will want to edit the new program and change the program name to remove the 'copy of' or 'clone of' title. When doing this, you will get a pop up, making sure you know what you’re doing. Since you have successfully copy/cloned the program you can click 'I know what I’m doing' to save.

How do I copy payment plans to all of the divisions?

The key to saving time is making one perfect division. Create your first division with payment plans, early bird discount, late fees, registration dates and anything else. Once that is done, just hit Copy next to the division to create an exact copy, carrying over the criteria you just set up. You will want to change the division name and make any other adjustments you need.

*** If there is a price difference, you will still need to edit the payment plans to adjust this price***