All registrations are attached to an order number. To edit the registration, Orders is the place to be. From here you will be able to cancel, transfer, and edit the price of the order. You can also track things like payment plans and send out balance statements as a reminder.


I am trying to transfer a participant but I keep getting an error, what do I do?

The error you are getting likely mentions the participant is already in that division. This means that the division has been placed in the shopping cart of their account but they have not fully completed the registration process yet. You will need to empty out the cart and then proceed with the transfer. To get to their account you can go to Quick Search. Once on their account page, you will see the shopping cart in the upper right corner. Click the x by the item in the cart and update.

What happens when a Credit Card payment fails?

When a credit card payment fails both the admin and the parent are notified. If the failed payment occurs on the initial registration checkout, the item will remain in the shopping cart for future payment. If the failed payment occurs in a payment plan, the installment defaults to a manual payment in which the account holder will need to manually pay on the site.

Failed payments can occur for a variety of reasons:
1) Billing Address mismatch
2) Invalid Card
3) Payment type is not accepted
4) Insufficient Funds

If a billing address mismatch occurs on multiple payment attempts at checkout, the cardholder's bank will hold payment on the card for risk of fraudulent charges. The bank will also hold these charges in a pending status on the card until further verified. Once verified, the pending charges will fall off of the cardholder's account.

How can I get rid of old orders?

Old orders can never be removed from the system. You will always want a record of transactions that took place, as will parents, as proof of a registration or canceled order. The important thing is managing these orders correctly. Using reports is the best way to get the order/registration information you need for a specific time frame. If you find yourself with a bunch of old open orders, this means that there is action needed from you in the system. You either need to Receive Payments for these orders or provide a discount to zero out the balance. Maintaining open orders is the best way to avoid what may seem like an overwhelming amount of information.

Can I refund back to the credit card?

Yes, you can now refund back to the credit card when using out merchant account. You will only be allowed to refund credit card payments if you have enough money in your invoice balance pool. Your pool consists of credit card payments collected during the current invoice period. For more information on this, please refer to this guide.