Once you have held registration and created teams, you will want to display your schedules for the season. We have every option of scheduling to ensure your games and practices are in the system. Need to create a schedule from scratch, you can enter all your criteria in and our system will build out schedules for you. If you already have a schedule created, you can easily import it into our system to take advantage of our scheduling reminders and ability to sync the calendar to already created teams. We also have tournament scheduling to help put together end of season tournaments.


When importing a schedule why does it give me an error for team name not matching?

You will want to make sure that everything on your schedule matches up exactly with what is in the system. If the team name is not matching, make sure you picked the right division for the schedule and that the team name is spelled correctly under Teams. If it is an external team, you do not need to add it to the system and can proceed with uploading the schedule. Here is a list of other tips and tricks when importing a schedule.

Why do I need to separate out my schedule by divisions instead of having just one large schedule?

When generating a schedule with date time and field you will only want to include the divisions that will be playing each other. The schedule will generate pairings for every team selected in that particular schedule. This is also important when it comes to standings. Standings are reflected for the scheduling group so even if you have teams that never play each other, the standings will still be grouped together. When importing a schedule, it is important to import different scheduling groups so that the standings are not affected as well.