This section covers the different types of team building as well as the team pages that are created. Here you will find an overview of Auto-Assign, one of our newer features. This will allow you to create teams easily based on the criteria you require. Need to check information such as birth certificates or volunteer certification? You can track that here as well. Once you have players and personnel where they need to be, you can also get information on the team pages and how to customize them with things like photos, discussions and news articles.


Why can’t I choose a division in the team builder even though I have the correct access?

You likely have a little too much access. If you have been given Club Admin access, you never need to add any other access to your account. Go to Common>>Users and search for your username. Click on the shield button next to your username and view your roles. If you have Division Manager admin, you will need to remove it.

*** This same issue will be caused if you have been given both Teams admin and Division Manager admin. You will need to contact an admin from your club to remove the Division Manager role from your account.

How do I make Team Central Visible to everyone?

We can help you with that! By default, Team Central is visible to Registered Users only. If you need that to change, just give us a call and we can adjust this for you.

Why have the team pages disappeared from Team Directory?

The team pages stay active as long as the division is active. Once the season end date has passed, these pages will expire. If you need to bring them back, go to Registration>>Show All Divisions and you can edit the season end dates for each division.

*** We recommend extending your season end dates a couple weeks past the regular season to keep these pages up and give the coaches a chance to communicate after the season is over with ***

I know a player has registered but they are not showing up under their account or the team they were assigned to.

Most likely the player was accidently archived. You can add them back by going to Teams>>Archive Player and searching for them. Just unarchive them to bring back all information associated with them.