Any report you can dream up, we have it! This section is where you will go to see information such as registrations, open orders, team details, governing body reports and billing reports. The Enrollment Details is our most popular report and what we recommend for getting information about registrations in the system. You will be able to add additional fields to get exactly what you need. We also have a section for billing reports. This is great for your treasurer who will need to reconcile the money that has come in. It is also where you can go to view the bi-weekly invoices we send out if you are using our merchant account. Most of the reports can be customized with your own fields and saved to be accessed again.


How can I run a report on last year's program?

Are you trying to pull a report but keep coming up with only this year’s information? This likely has to do with the field conditions of the report.

First off, click Edit next to the report you want to run.

Scroll down to the middle of the page and look for a section titled Field Conditions. You will want to uncheck the condition “division end date is after today”. Once this is done, you are ok to run the report.

*** If you are still not getting the results you need, your program may be archived. Make sure to unarchive a program before running a report for it. ***

How can I pull a report including volunteer SSN or Driver’s License #'s?

Due to the sensitive nature of this information, we no longer allow site admins to see this information just by running a report. You will want to go ahead and create the exact report you want, give it a new name and save it. Once this is done, just contact our support team, tell them the name of the report and we can run it for you and send it over.

How do I filter to only show certain players in a certain (program/division/team)?

Field conditions are the best way to filter out the information you do not want. Choose the report you want to run and click Edit. Scroll down to the section titled Field Conditions and “click to add new condition”. Hover over Program and then click Program Name. You will see a condition added that says Program>Program Name starts with “enter value”. Click on enter value and type in the name of the program.

*** This filter can be a bit sensitive so it is best to copy the exact program name to ensure results. We also recommend clicking on “starts with” and changing it to “contains” ***