Getting Started With Sports Connect

Your one stop shop to help get you started with your new website. Here you will find videos that walk you through registration as well as guides to make sure all of your bases are covered before launching. Are you affiliated with a governing body? We have a section that goes over the set up for your specific governing body as well as tips to make sure you are set up correctly.


How do I make my site live?

Your site is already live. The link we provided for you when you signed up can be shared with anyone. Whenever you are ready to launch registration, you can share this with people and they can create an account. Most people might consider a site live when they are ready to point their domain over to their site. If this is the case, we would be happy to help. Give us a call and we can get the process started for you to point over your domain.

How do I setup my age ranges?

Age ranges can seem a little confusing at first. The trick is to start at the youngest age group and work your way up from there. The maximum is the oldest you can possibly be for that division and the minimum is the very youngest you can be for a division. An example of an age range would be 1/1/2002-12/31/2004. 1/1 is the maximum and 12/31 is the minimum. Here is a guide that will also show a table. It is also recommend that you check with your governing body for a table that fits with their requirements.